• No capital costs
  • Cloud based…No IT infrastructure
  • Branded with your company logo
  • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Increased revenue



This program features a private labeled instance of the Azima DLI Watchman Reliability Portal customized with your logo along with unlimited access of machine health diagnostics and reporting for you and/or your customers. You will be assigned a program manager to manage the relationship and maximize the benefits that our Service Provider customer leverages from this program. Our analysts will work with you and your customers to diagnose machine faults to keep your assets on-line and running without unplanned downtime. You gain increased customer satisfaction and customer loyalty from your installed base, while we do the work for you. See how WATCHMAN Reliability Services can be put into action for you and your customers.

Azima Service Providers have the tools they need.

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  • Have your customers asked you to extend your services for a more comprehensive view of machine conditions in their plant?
  • Have you considered creating a PdM Service organization before but the cost of entry was too high?
  • Is the cost of maintaining hardware and software becoming burdensome?
  • What percentage of your customer base is using another contractor for these services?
  • What primary objectives could you achieve by using predictive machine health diagnostics?


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Managed Service Provider Programs

Offering WATCHMAN Reliability Services will help you gain extreme customer loyalty and satisfaction

You no longer have to contemplate the cost of entry to set up an effective PdM discipline within your business.

As an authorized Azima Agent, original equipment manufacturer, or managed service provider, WATCHMAN™ Services can create a program for you with the deepest bench of world-class analysts anywhere. We provide you with actionable information to your customer’s rotating assets to run without unplanned downtime.

Send the data to the experts for review in seconds right from the plant floor. Data can be compared, analyzed and delivered back with an actionable response to schedule machines for repair or replacement as production schedules allow, minimizing the need for on-site spare parts, optimizing supply chain requirements, and generally assuring asset availability to keep up with production schedules.

Industrial Internet of Things 

The expertise your customers are looking for has already been assembled in Azima’s WATCHMAN Data Center and is connected through expert systems and infrastructure to oversee the performance of plant equipment.  By offering value-added services with Azima, you could:

  • Private label a solution to your customers.
  • Elevate your position in the market and capture more share through leadership.
  • Know in advance how your customer’s equipment is performing, while using this information to get work orders, ordering or dispatching spare parts and/or service technicians for scheduled rather than emergency repairs.

How might you benefit from having near real-time machine performance data at your fingertips? Customers appreciate this type of expert oversight from their Service Provider. It will lock you into the fabric of their organization for a long time to come. Your customer just wants equipment to run and be available when needed for production.

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