• Maintenance compliance
  • Increased plant safety
  • No capital, support or IT costs
  • Software is always up to date
  • Deep analyst bench and knowledge
  • Vibration, oil, and infrared services

Reduced unplanned downtime, prioritized resources

Our programs feature access to all the tools we can bring to bear for the success of your organization. Our programs are not technology or expert limited. We measure our success on your success. Working closely with you, we thrive on achieving a measurable reduction in your unplanned downtime.

WATCHMAN Reliability Services programs begin with a firm understanding of your objectives, KPI’s and a success model for your site.

  • We go into action walking down your site with you, categorizing your assets to determine how an asset failure or access to spare parts could affect the overall availability of your plant, and taking benchmarks.
  • You will also have a chance to meet your analysts and complete training on the Watchman Reliability Portal. This is the tool you will use to prioritize your work and view the health of all the assets under your control.
  • Our services are subscription based so there are no surprise costs and the we provide best technology in hardware, software and collaboration tools.

This is the way to get in control…..this is the way to a Predictive Plant. 

Azima DLI has a WATCHMAN Solution right for you.

To get started right away please click the CONTACT US button below to speak with one of our program specialists.  In order for us to assist you effectively and efficiently, please consider some of these questions.

  • Do you currently have a predictive machine monitoring program?
  • How many machines do you plan to monitor?
  • Do you know which machines are essential to production in preventing unplanned downtime?
  • Do any of your machines require continuous or remote monitoring?
  • Do you need Azima DLI to collect machine data at your plant, or do you have staff that will remain engaged in the program collecting machine data and sending it to Azima DLI only for analysis?
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Predictive Condition Monitoring For Your Outsourced Program

The WATCHMAN™ Service model for outsourced programs is more cost efficient and more diagnostically effective by rationalizing resources and allocating costly talent to the right situations at the right time.

WATCHMAN Reliability Services™ offer a choice of bundled subscription service solutions to meet a customer’ specific needs.

Our expert services combine the world-class WATCHMAN Reliability Portal™, handheld TRIO™ data collection technology, online systems and the bench strength and knowledge of WATCHMAN analysis experts to help customers achieve a predictive program that is unencumbered by capital costs.

WATCHMAN Reliability programs take advantage of multiple technologies including vibration analysis, infrared thermography and oil analysis to determine machine health.

Customers can maintain their direct involvement in the program by taking data and transmitting it to Azima DLI analysts for diagnostic review via the WATCHMAN Reliability Portal or WATCHMAN Services can provide a complete turn-key program depending on customer needs.

Reduce costs, increase collaboration

WATCHMAN Service programs reduce cost while increasing customer knowledge and collaboration by giving customers the knowledge they need to prioritize repairs and avoid unplanned downtime, all accomplished with:

  • NO capital cost
  • NO support costs
  • NO training costs
  • NO IT infrastructure

A simple connection to the internet is all that is needed to have WATCHMAN Reliability Services working for you. With annual costs subscription based, you know when you do your budget what your program will cost year in and year out.

Azima DLI analysts share data and collaborate with each other and your maintenance staff on your most critical equipment through the WATCHMAN Reliability Portal. They screen data using ExpertALERT™ diagnostic software to identify machine faults buried among vast quantities of healthy machine data and automate report writing from within ExpertALERT that speeds the process and standardizes appearance. Once signed off through our QA process, reports are posted to the WATCHMAN Reliability Portal for customer prioritization and action. The customer can be notified of critical developments through voice, text, or e-mail alerts per their subscription.

By having the best program and analyst staff in the industry, it’s all upside on what you’ll save by reducing unplanned downtime!