• No capital expenditures
  • No IT infrastructure
  • No training requirements
  • Increased brand and customer loyalty
  • Increased revenue


  • This program features private label branding of the Watchman Reliability Portal™ with unlimited access of machine health diagnostics and reporting for the OEM and/or their customers.
  • We will assign a program manager to manage the relationship, and maximize the benefits that our OEM customer gets from this program.
  • Our analysts will be available to work with you and your customers to diagnose machine faults and will keep your assets on-line and running without un-planned downtime.
  • You gain extreme customer loyalty from your installed base, while we do the work for you.  See how WATCHMAN Reliability Services can be put into action for you and your customers.

Congratulations! You’re making a great decision by choosing Azima for your predictive maintenance program.

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  • Do you currently offer customers extended warranty or machine health services for a fee?
  • What percentage of your customer base now purchases your extended warranty or machine health services?
  • What objective is your company trying to achieve by using predictive machine health diagnostics?
  • Do you have field technicians, and if so, how many, what is their training and how often do they visit customers?
  • Do you want to private label our services or do you want Azima to provide services directly to your customers?
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Monitoring For Your Original Equipment

WATCHMAN Reliability Services™ for OEMs help you gain extreme customer loyalty from your installed base, while we do the work for you.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) generally have a responsibility to maintain the longevity of assets installed at plants and facilities.  Azima can offer assistance in helping OEMs test and measure machinery while after production, once installed, or ongoing as part of the OEM service program.

OEM programs are designed to be complementary to existing service organizations already visiting customer sites, or they can be augmented or deployed with Azima’s WATCHMAN Reliability Services™ resources.

Whether you want to begin a machine health program with your customers or enhance the one you have to gain greater customer loyalty and brand differentiation in the market, we can build you a solution complete with a privately branded Watchman Reliability Portal for you and your customers to keep a watchful eye on those most important assets.

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