• Our bench of naval and marine knowledge goes deep
  • Machine benchmark database second to none
  • World-class hardware and software
  • Our TRIO™ Family of Data Collectors are designed for safety

Our naval and marine services programs are designed and assembled for your specific requirements. We will assign a program manager who will work with you through the life of your program. We have the people and knowledge to be on board ship with you or to evaluate your critical assets from far away in conjunction with your team on the other side of the world.  Take advantage of our years of knowledge serving the United States Navy, other Navies around the world and large maritime transportation companies to design a comprehensive program to keep your vessels in a readiness state.

Congratulations! You’re making a great decision by choosing Azima DLI for your predictive maintenance program.

To get started right away please click the CONTACT US button below to speak with one of our program specialists.  In order for us to assist you effectively and efficiently, please consider some of these questions.

  • Do you need to restart a program, or are you starting from scratch?
  • Do you own a route based data collector? If so do you know the manufacturer and model number/s?
  • Have you reviewed the carrying options for our data collectors? Which option would best suite your needs?
  • Do you need accessories for starting your program?
  • How many analysts will require training? What are their levels of certification?
  • If starting a new program we recommend you consider a WATCHMAN™ Quickstart pogram.
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Naval & Marine

Azima DLI's WATCHMAN Reliability Services monitor hundreds of the US Navy’s most critical assets. Ships that protect the world are protected by our technology.

The Naval and Marine industry includes large maritime transportation ships and vessels and their support facilities with services programs designed to meet specific requirements.

Given the remote and mobile locations of this industry, Azima DLI uses a full range of distance support communication protocols and methods to implement successful programs. Propulsion and drivetrain assets are most critical, often with limited redundancy and required maintenance oversight. Balance of plant and tertiary system assets are also important for PdM protection given the remote locations and difficulty in planning effective repairs.

Naval and Marine services programs are designed and assembled for specific requirements. Azima DLI’s program managers effectively evaluate critical assets, work processes, and post facility repair quality assurance.

Vibration Analysis provides early fault detection for failure avoidance, enhanced mission readiness and effective supply chain planning for repairs.