• Most Advanced Hardware and Software
  • Safest Data Collector Available
  • Collaborative Data Analysis
  • Automated Diagnostic Intelligence
  • Included IT Infrastructure
  • Proven Methodology
  • Simple to Learn Collection
  • Internal Program Sustainability
  • Internal programs gain assistance as needed with WATCHMAN Expert Review, a second opinion on tough machinery diagnosis as needed.
  • New users can quickly come up to speed using the included online training tutorials or by having hand-on program setup and instruction.
  • No IT capital expenditures are needed with Azima programs.  Hosted databases are synchronized to all users using a simple application.
  • Leverage the knowledge of existing machines and other users with the ALERT program.
  • New plants can be stood up rapidly with a near immediate understanding of fault condition by answer a few simple questions through a setup wizard.
  • Be efficient by letting the diagnostic software scrub through machine faults to prioritize your work day.

There is more you can do with an Azima program!

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Condition Monitoring For Internal Programs

Azima hardware and software enable your reliability team with the tools and technology to implement a secure, scalable and efficient predictive condition monitoring program.

Azima has the most advanced data collection technology and automated intelligent machine assessment software available.

ALERT™ Automated Vibration Analysis software uses Expert Intelligence to assess the fault conditions of a machine.  Providing early detection for proper planning for repairs.

TRIO® Data Collection hardware is simple and intuitive, applying the philosophy that collection should be put into the hands of technicians and operators; delivering data to the analysts, not the other way around.

SPRITE™ permanently installed data acquisition hardware integrates with your walk-around program and applies the same ALERT early detection analytical software for a complete picture of all machinery assets.

WATCHMAN™ Data Center Hosting.  All Azima programs include access to the WATCHMAN Data Center.  Simplifying the communication process between collector and analyst while providing complete IT infrastructure, database backups, management, and visibility for all key decision makers.

Internal Programs with Program Sustainability

Azima understands that many plants or facilities have internal staff to run and manage their predictive maintenance programs.  The Azima hardware and software cater very well to these internal programs but adds program sustainability like no other out there.  Connecting to the WATCHMAN Data Center, your program becomes directly part of the Industrial Internet of Things by adding program insights to managers and executives, communication to program contributors, financial understanding to avoid risk to production, and other business level metrics.

Almost every analysts understands that vibration analysis is not an exact science.  Making repair recommendations on critical assets is never taken lightly and even the most seasoned analyst needs the ability to get a second opinion or another set of eyes on the data to make sure the interpretation is sound and logical.  All of Azima’s connected programs include the ability to have a WATCHMAN Expert Review performed as needed, when needed.

Internal programs can easily transition to have Azima step in to perform analysis as needed, on exception, or for the complete program.  As your plant grows or as staff retires, Azima can lend assistance to keep your program sustained.

There is nothing artificial about Expert Intelligence.

The ExpertALERT software is the most advanced automated diagnostic software on the market.  Not a modeling system, but rather an intelligent rulebase application that has over 6000 diagnostic rules and over 1200 unique fault condition that are analyzed in the same approach as the human analyst.  Get more out of your program with a better understanding of faults as they first begin.  All faults are ranked by severity so analysts can get their most optimum utilization.  Analysis can be prioritized and machines can be planned well in advanced.

Whether you are starting from scratch or re-institutionalizing a predictive maintenance program from the past, Azima will be with you every step of the way by providing technology, advice, and the expertise you need to assure a successful program.

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