• World class hardware and software
  • TRIO™ Vibration Data Collector designed for safety
  • WATCHMAN™ Online Monitoring System
  • Quickstart Mentoring Program
  • Reliability as a Service™ options
  • Easy transfer of data
  • Comprehensive elearning courses
  • Regional or on-site training

Internal programs can be completely contained on the customer site with hardware, software and servers along with an internal communication network maintained by the customer. Consider Reliability as a Service™ (RaaS) and let Azima DLI provide the IT infrastructure to keep your program running. With our no nonsense Reliability as a Service model you will save on support, computer hardware, power and back-up fees while decreasing downtime. It’s up to you….either way, we’ll keep you running.

Congratulations! You’re making a great decision by choosing Azima DLI for your predictive maintenance program.

To get started right away please click the CONTACT US button below to speak with one of our program specialists.  In order for us to assist you effectively and efficiently, please consider some of these questions.

  • Do you need to restart a program, or are you starting from scratch?
  • Do you own a route based data collector? If so do you know the manufacturer and model number/s?
  • Are you interested in RaaS, our cloud based reliability program?
  • Have you reviewed the carrying options for our data collectors? Which option would best suite your needs?
  • Do you need accessories for starting your program?
  • How many analysts will require training? What are their levels of certification?
  • If starting a new program we recommend you consider a WATCHMAN™ Quickstart program.
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Predictive Condition Monitoring For Your Internal Program

Azima DLI hardware and software enable your reliability team with the tools and technology to implement a secure, scalable and efficient predictive condition monitoring program.

We offer the most advanced data collection technology and intelligent machine condition assessment software available.

TRIO™ and WATCHMAN™ systems and technology are known for quality and innovation, while achieving sustainable success that will provide you with the greatest advantages to defend against unplanned and costly downtime.  Azima DLI has spent years developing world class software and data acquisition instruments, coupled with proven methodologies for training and implementation of high quality, sustainable, collaborative and actionable in-house condition monitoring programs.

Whether you are starting from scratch or re-institutionalizing a predictive maintenance program from the past, Azima DLI will be with you every step of the way by providing technology, advice, and the expertise you need to assure a sustainable program. Our industry leading predictive software, ExpertALERT™, will serve as the centerpiece for your internal program by rapidly screening vibration measurements and applying over 4,500 unique rules to identify individual faults in a wide variety of machine types. ExpertALERT can process hundreds of vibration measurements in just a few minutes, leaving you with a fault diagnosis, fault severity and repair priority on each machine instead of overwhelming you with spectral data that may be difficult to interpret.  ExpertALERT provides fast, accurate, and understandable results.