WATCHMAN™ Reliability Services

Multiple technologies, multiple industries,
deep-bench expertise


Our technical analysis services are provided by some of the most talented analysts and professional engineers industry-wide.

WATCHMAN™ Services can offer reliability services well beyond vibration

Our staff is trained in multiple disciplines and certified in accordance with the ASNT and the Vibration Institute of North America.

You can depend on our team to diagnose even the most complex equipment problems before they happen and to provide actionable advice. The vast diagnostic expertise of the Azima team surpasses what even the best equipped plant can maintain on staff.

Our services are affordable, and we have the broad geographic network to provide you the onsite services you need, when you need them. No matter what your equipment type, we have multiple experts on hand to help you increase equipment uptime and reduce risk. Azima’s expertise spans all areas of condition based maintenance.

Paramount to every successful PdM program is management insight.  Azima’s Program Managers are included with all WATCHMAN Services programs.  Our program managers will periodically schedule time to review the program, evaluate risk assessment, present findings, and demonstrate spend and return on investment.

Access deep bench expertise

All programs, large and small, require the technical skill of data analysts.  When a costly machine begins to fail, analysts, including skilled analysts, need to have the ability to get a second opinion on the diagnoses to ensure proper planning and understand of the repair required.  Azima can provide analytical experience as needed, including for local, internal programs.  Connected through the WATCHMAN™ Data Center, all Azima program solutions include the cloud-hosting portal to provide second-opinion help for setup or analysis.

Reduce risk, improve safety, increase production

WATCHMAN™ Reliability Services offer professional solutions to provide a clear understanding of machinery health across the entire plant and enterprise, including vibration analysis, lubrication oil analysis, motor current testing, and infrared thermography.

WATCHMAN programs feature an evaluation of the plant environment and risk profile along with a clearly-defined set of solutions and deliverables to meet specific uptime, compliance and cost-avoidance objectives. Through virtualization and automation, Azima’s WATCHMAN Solutions deliver highly effective machine health monitoring solutions that support maximum plant availability. The WATCHMAN Reliability Portal™, part of all Azima programs, can give visibility to machine health and diagnostics across multiple technologies for all the stakeholders within a plant’s operation.

Scale your PdM program to meet your needs

Early retirement, lack of training for new staff, and restricted budgets are making it challenging for many plants to retain the necessary  in house expert resources.  Azima programs were developed to help plants quickly address those challenges. Our flexible and scalable services require no up-front capital costs and are offered on a subscription basis.  This allows for a quick and comprehensive implementation when you are ready to start or enhance your machine health monitoring program.

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Need more information, Azima can work with you to develop a program to meet your needs.  Contact us to set up your initial consultation.  You can reach us at +1 781.938.0707 , email us at or click the link to schedule your personal consultation.

Other Reliability Services

Advanced Vibration Analysis

Azima has highly skilled analytical engineering staff that can perform a variety of special, call-out services.  These can range from multi-plane balance work, modal and ODS setup and analysis, torque and strain-gauge measurements, and many other advanced troubleshooting procedures.

Infrared Technology

Azima DLI provides a full range of condition monitoring services, including infrared testing, an inspection process using infrared cameras as a means to “see” and “measure” thermal energy emitted from equipment at your plant.

Oil Analysis

Azima DLI provides a highly reputable oil analysis program. Oil analysis is part of the tribology field, which is the science and technology of interacting surfaces in relative motion.

Reciprocating Engine/Compressor Analysis

Engine and compressor analysis is used to diagnose the presence of mechanical problems to avoid catastrophic failure and allow repairs to be effected on a scheduled basis.

Motor Electrical Testing

Azima DLI electric motor testing programs are designed to help our customers improve maintenance planning while lowering motor repair cost. We employ the most important electric motor testing techniques.

Executive Sponsorship

Ensuring that plant managers and executives are aware of risk to plant readiness, are aware of the spend as it relates to return on investment, and understand the overall program balanced through multiple technologies and centralized for your enterprise is essential.