Reciprocating Engine/Compressor Analysis

Engine and compressor analysis is used to diagnose the presence of mechanical problems to avoid catastrophic failure and allow repairs to be effected on a scheduled basis.

Azima DLI’s reciprocating engine and compressor analysis provides predictive, condition-based maintenance for stationary engines and reciprocating compressors.

  • Increases machine efficiency and uptime
  • Reduces the overall cost of machine operation
  • Improves your plant’s operating performance and maximizes profits

Our services in this area may be broken down into two main components; electronic engine/compressor analysis (ECA) and B-Probe inspections:


Electronic engine/compressor analysis is accomplished using real-time multi-channel analyzers and data collectors, along with sophisticated software to provide condition assessment and fault detection as well as key performance measures on reciprocating engines and compressors. ECA is performed with compressors loaded and in-service, without any downtime. Equipment hardware and preparation requirements for analysis are minimal.


B-Probe inspections are designed for gas and diesel generator/pump engines and can be performed on integral and separable compressor units. Although B-Probe inspections require engine shutdown, this is a minimally intrusive procedure that usually involves two or three hours of downtime. B-probe inspections allows targeted machine repairs, without the need to disturb well-bedded internal components, as well helps you avoid introducing contaminants into the internal oil-wetted parts.

Download Reciprocating Engine/Compressor Analysis Brochure (PDF)