Oil Analysis

Azima DLI provides a highly reputable oil analysis program. Oil analysis is part of the tribology field, which is the science and technology of interacting surfaces in relative motion.

Oil analysis provides you with the condition of oil and also the condition of the machine from which it came. At the most basic level, Azima DLI’s oil analysis determines if the oil in given machinery is dirty, contaminated, diluted, or fit for continued use. Secondarily, our oil analysis program offers you a glimpse inside your equipment.

  • Is the machine suffering from friction, wear, corrosion, lack of temperature control, or contamination?
  • Are the bearings, gears, or other internal metallurgical processes out of alignment?
  • Are there beginnings of bearing faults present?
  • Is the equipment in late stage failure mode?

Download Oil Analysis Brochure (PDF)