GearMachine health monitoring designed for you

WATCHMAN™ Solutions expert condition monitoring programs can ensure long term reliability benefits for industrial plants—including vibration, lubrication oil, motor testing and infrared testing and analysis—with no up-front capital investment.

Access deep bench expertiseStaffers

With almost forty expert vibration analysts and technicians on staff, your WATCHMAN™  Services program is backed by over 400 years of
experience across multiple industries.  These professionals can enhance your program with critical machine health analysis and maintenance recommendations as an added layer of support.

Reduce risk, improve safety, increase production

WATCHMAN Reliability Services offer integrated professional solutions to provide a clear understanding of machinery health across the entire plant and enterprise, including:

  • vibration analysis
  • lubrication oil analysis
  • motor testing
  • infrared thermography

WATCHMAN programs feature an evaluation of the plant environment and risk profile along with a clearly-defined set of solutions and deliverables to meet specific uptime, compliance and cost-avoidance objectives.

Through virtualization and automation, Azima DLI’s WATCHMAN Solutions deliver highly effective machine health monitoring solutions that support maximum plant availability. The WATCHMAN Reliability Portal offered as part of a services program can give visibility to machine health and diagnostics across multiple technologies for all the stakeholders within a plant’s operation.

Scale your PdM program to meet your needs

Early retirement, lack of training for new staff, and restricted budgets are making it challenging for many plants to retain the necessary  in house expert resources.  Some organizations may need help to initiate a fresh start for a previously well run program.  WATCHMAN Reliability Service programs were developed to help plants quickly address those challenges.

They include our premier offerings:

Arrange your consultation now.

Arrange your consultation now.

In contrast to competitors’ offerings that require heavy investments in hardware and software, Azima DLI’s flexible and scalable services require no up-front capital costs and are offered on a subscription basis.  This allows for a quick and comprehensive implementation when you are ready to start or enhance your machine health monitoring program.

Azima DLI can work with you to develop a program to meet your needs.  Contact us to set up your initial consultation and explore how WATCHMAN Reliability Services can help.  You can reach us at +1 781.938.0707 , email us at or click the link to schedule your personal consultation.


Download the WATCHMAN Reliability Services Brochure (PDF)