WATCHMAN Quickstart

If you want your own INTERNAL program with hardware and software, making that purchase is only the first step to successful implementation of a condition based maintenance program. Next… the REAL WORK begins…

With a WATCHMAN™ Quick Start program , you can greatly increase your success getting a new predictive machine condition monitoring program off the ground.  Quickstart is a packaged training and mentorship offering that is attractive to customers that want to be sure their new program succeeds.

The program is designed to expose you to the Watchman Reliability Portal™, in addition you will be trained thoroughly at your site on how to use the TRIO™ data collector.  You will have full use of Azima DLI’s e-learning tools to begin building your knowledge of ExpertALERT software and you will take a full round of data collection for the first time with the aid of an Azima DLI analyst who will also analyze the first round of collection and share with you his findings.  Beginning the second month, you will take the data from your machines, and replicate the data to the Azima DLI data center where your analyst will again look at your information, compare it to average baselines and discuss his findings with you.  We will again repeat this for the third month.  The 4th-6th month you will have your Azima DLI analyst check your analysis of your equipment and provide you with any guidance that might improve your findings.

No matter what we are here to help you, your data can always be replicated to the Azima DLI data center at any time for a second opinion or for additional mentoring or program enhancement.

Program requirements:

  • A TRIO™ family data collector/analyzer and ExpertALERT software
  • Internet access for encrypted data replication (FTP)
  • Monthly collections, maximum program duration is 6 months

Download WATCHMAN Quickstart Brochure (PDF)