WATCHMAN™ Professional

WATCHMAN Professional is a premium machine condition monitoring service program, intended for plants or enterprises with 250 or more machines and where unplanned outages cannot be tolerated.

Who WATCHMAN Professional is for

WATCHMAN Professional is designed for companies with downtime costs/penalties approaching $400K per hour or more.

What WATCHMAN Professional provides

WATCHMAN Professional provides the procedures, processes, disciplines and qualified resources to achieve the highest standard in condition based maintenance. All program services are overseen by our expert program management staff and include vibration analysis, oil analysis and IR thermography.

All WATCHMAN service programs include unlimited subscription seats to the WATCHMAN Reliability Portal™, a secure web interface providing access and automated alerts for all of your monitored equipments’ condition, historical trends, statistics and reports. Machine health information is widely available to all decision makers in your company. WATCHMAN Professional program customers get full access to the Portal analysis modules that our own analysts use, allowing your plant engineers to review any detailed vibration analysis data collected should they choose.

As an added value, WATCHMAN Professional customers receive unlimited access to Azima DLI’s condition monitoring e-Learning system, analysis and technical support staff, and receive two days of on site training per year.

Additional Options

Optional technologies such as motor testing, battery testing, and reciprocating engine/compressor analysis can be added to the Professional plan at preferred plan pricing.

Download WATCHMAN Professional Brochure (PDF)