Remote Critical Machine Monitoring

WATCHMAN remote solutions include intelligent online monitoring hardware and software with a centralized team of highly experienced technical and engineering personnel dedicated to your up-time objectives.

Sometimes trying to monitor critical equipment remotely can pose big challenges.  With WATCHMAN™ Online Systems, you can have access to the health of your equipment 24/7 with prescribed testing schedules.

When the installed monitoring system recognizes a machine fault, an automated alert will notify you and Azima DLI systems engineers. Your machine is remotely analyzed and notifications are sent out to your staff. Our analysts contact you and explain the nature of the fault, its severity and progression. Results are then documented in a condition monitoring report and made available to you via the WATCHMAN Reliability Portal.

What is included?

  • Machine results available through the Azima DLI WATCHMAN Reliability Portal
  • Expert machine analysts assigned to your facility
  • Ongoing monitoring by Azima DLI’s monitoring centers
  • SPRITE™ online monitoring hardware system
    • Sensors and cabling
    • System installation & commissioning
    • Communications infrastructure, including Ethernet, WiFi, and cellular
    • Off-site, secure server system configuration
    • Oil particle counter for lubricated systems (Optional)

WATCHMAN Solutions offer peace of mind that your assets are under the watch of the most experienced machine analysts and engineers.


Find out today how WATCHMAN solutions can solve your remote critical machine monitoring challenges.  Call us today at +1 781. 938-0707 and talk to one of our expert consultants.