Other Reliability Services

Advanced Vibration Analysis

vibration-waveWe have managed the world’s largest and longest running vibration analysis programs.  Our methodology offers the greatest efficiency and accurate machine diagnostics.

Optimize your equipment reliability and minimize maintenance costs by taking advantage of Azima DLI’s 40 years of experience in providing early prognosis of incipient faults in rotating equipment. Azima DLI’s core competency involves the utilization of vibration analysis technology to support condition-based maintenance programs. Our customers typically realize a more than 20 to 1 return on investment.

Providing early prognosis of incipient faults in rotating equipment has taught us that customers need a proven methodology, recognized by international standards that provide the following capabilities in the most efficient manner:

  • Data Acquisition (Sensor Selection & Mounting)
  • Data Manipulation (Signal Processing)
  • State Detection (Baseline Profiles)
  • Health Assessment (Automated Fault Diagnostics)
  • Prognostic Assessment (Prioritized Repair)
  • Advisory Generation (Portal/Reports/Documentation)