Other Reliability Services

Multiple technologies, multiple industries,
deep expertise

Our data collection and analysis services are provided by some of the most talented analysts and professional engineers industry-wide.

WATCHMAN Services can offer other reliability services beyond vibration.

Our staff is trained in multiple disciplines and certified in accordance with the ASNT and the Vibration Institute of North America.

You can depend on our team to diagnose even the most complex equipment problems before they happen and to provide actionable advice. The vast diagnostic expertise of the Azima DLI team surpasses what even the best equipped plant can maintain on staff.

Our services are affordable, and we have the broad geographic network to provide you the onsite services you need, when you need them. No matter what your equipment type, we have multiple experts on hand to help you increase equipment uptime and reduce risk. Azima DLI’s expertise spans all areas of condition based maintenance.

Read more about our other reliability services offerings below.

Other Reliability Services

Advanced Vibration Analysis

We have managed the world’s largest and longest running vibration analysis programs. Our methodology offers the greatest efficiency and accurate machine diagnostics.

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Infrared Technology

Azima DLI provides a full range of condition monitoring services, including infrared testing, an inspection process using infrared cameras as a means to “see” and “measure” thermal energy emitted from equipment at your plant.

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Oil Analysis

Azima DLI provides a highly reputable oil analysis program. Oil analysis is part of the tribology field, which is the science and technology of interacting surfaces in relative motion.

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Reciprocating Engine/Compressor Analysis

Engine and compressor analysis is used to diagnose the presence of mechanical problems to avoid catastrophic failure and allow repairs to be effected on a scheduled basis.

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Motor Electrical Testing

Azima DLI electric motor testing programs are designed to help our customers improve maintenance planning while lowering motor repair cost. We employ the most important electric motor testing techniques.

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WATCHMAN Quickstart

Purchasing hardware and software is the first step to implementing a condition based maintenance program. Next, the work begins to get your program off the ground promptly and correctly.

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