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AzimaAI’s training courses are designed to provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to meet all of your condition monitoring program goals. Our flexible course offerings range from onsite training at your facility, nationwide training conferences at various locations around the country, to web-based modules that allow you to work at your own pace. You will always be getting the highest quality of training from our expert staff of condition monitoring professionals.

AzimaAI offers a variety of training options from basic to advance and group, self-paced to conference to custom

  • EA-101 Training Conference

    The focus of this three-day course will be on setting up your system, including machine blocking, sensor orientation and creation of the database. You will also see the fundamentals of data collection.  On completion of this course you should be able to set up the database for general machines, collect quality and repeatable data, review the vibration spectra and print automated diagnostic reports. 

    During the three-day conference, attendees will get the opportunity to interact and collaborate with other users of the program from their industries.

    This course is intended for those who are new or require a refresher of the basic methods of the AzimaAI trending vibration programs or use of the ExpertALERT software.

    Requirements:  This course is intended for personnel who are new to the ExpertALERT vibration program or require a refresher of the basic methodology implemented in the ExpertALERT software.

    Materials are included.  Classroom size is limited to 12 attendees.

  • EA-201 Training Conference

    The focus of the course will be an in depth discussion on the maturing the Expert Automated Diagnostic System (EADS) such as creating average baseline data, automated order normalization, component & fault code selection, and a thorough understanding of the Expert rulebase logic.

    This course is intended for advanced users of the ExpertALERT software. Attendees must have a understanding of the fundamentals of the ExpertALERT application and the process necessary to create and edit machine identifiers (MIDs). Upon completion, an attendee will have advanced knowledge of how the rulebase can identify faults in the machinery vibration, tools for grooming a machines baseline for optimum results, and getting the most from your program.

    During the three-day conference, attendees will get the opportunity to interact and collaborate with Azima DLI senior engineers as well as other users of the program from their industries.

    Requirements:  This course is intended for personnel who have previously attended the EA-101 course and who have experience in setting up basic machines in the ExpertALERT vibration program.  One year of use with ExpertALERT is recommended.

    Materials are included.  Classroom size is limited to 10 attendees.

  • Onsite Training

    Onsite training is the ideal method to get an AzimaAI CBM program up and running.  Catered to the specific needs of the customer, AzimaAI can provide certified instructors to teach the principles and methods necessary to establishing the right trending, vibration analysis program, technicians to help get machinery setup and tested, engineers to train your staff on how to get the most from your ExpertALERT software and AzimaAI program.

    Onsite training can be as few as two days to max of two weeks, depending on the needs.  AzimaAI training department will discuss the needs and develop a training program that will offer the highest benefit to the customer.  Once the needs are understood, AzimaAI will then pair the best engineer or instructor for the job. 

    The benefit of AzimaAI's onsite training is the immediate solution for your training needs.  Upon completion, your staff will be ready to go with their own program without having to transfer the knowledge gained from a traditional hosted course.  Instruction is accomplished on your machines, with your software, and your data collector. 

    Six-months following the entry-level ExpertALERT 101 course, AzimaAI highly recommends its customer to schedule a three-day onsite training, commonly referred to as EA-102.  This engineer-led course takes the data that has been collected and demonstrates the best principles of fine-tuning and grooming the ExpertALERT database to obtain the maximum automated diagnostic results.

    Requirements:  This course is intended for new or existing ExpertALERT vibration program and requires development coordination through the AzimaAI training department.  A minimum of four weeks is required for scheduling.  Materials are included for four students, more available as necessary.

  • EA e-Learning Training Programs

    These modules offer web-based knowledge topics that walk you through the fundamentals to run a vibration analysis program using the AzimaAI hardware, software, and services.  eLearning training topics are taught at the users pace allowing the student to return to various topics until understood.  Topics include designing a program, methods of communication, understanding AzimaAI methodology, collecting quality data with TRIO data collectors, using the ExpertALERT software, navigating the WATCHMAN portal, and getting more decision makers involved in your program through use of the Event Tracker.  For more details, visit the AzimaAI Resource Center,

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