Azima Products and Services

Scalable Asset Condition Monitoring 

Azima Products and Services are designed to meet your needs.  Whether you have a small operation with local staff, a large plant that needs technical assistance when needed, or a large enterprise that need complete services, Azima can adapt to accomplish your objectives.

Our solutions are a mix of portable and permanently installed data collection hardware, sophisticated automated diagnostic software, IIoT cloud hosting, and domain expertise with deep-bench knowledge in multiple technologies.

Access deep bench expertise

All programs, large and small, require the technical skill of data analysts.  When a costly machine begins to fail, analysts, including skilled analysts, need to have the ability to get a second opinion on the diagnoses to ensure proper planning and understand of the repair required.  Azima can provide analytical experience as needed, including for local, internal programs.  Connected through the WATCHMAN™ Data Center, all Azima program solutions include the cloud-hosting portal to provide second-opinion help for setup or analysis.

Automated diagnostic software

Maximize your analyst’s utilization rate with the most advanced automated diagnostic software on the market.  ExpertALERT™ applies over 6000 diagnostic rules to decipher vibration data in the same manner as the human analyst.  With over 1200 fault conditions, ExpertALERT identifies exceptions to the norm to trigger unique faults with severity and make diagnostic recommendations with priority.  Analysts using ExpertALERT are far more efficient in prioritizing their work flow by allowing the automated diagnostic engine scour through all data and delivering the most critical data for further review.

Modular data collection

TRIO® Vibration Data Collectors and Field Analyzers are simple to use and easy to maintain.  Data is best captured by technicians and operators, who are most versed in their machinery.  And data should be delivered to the analyst as opposed to other way around.  Utilize your skilled analysts for reviewing data and delivering reports, not spending time in the plant collecting.  TRIO was designed to allow routine and advanced data to be captured with very little training required.  Included with TRIO is a high degree of communication to ensure proper test conditions are established, analyst’s notes are understood, fault history is available, and field notes (including canned text, free text, photo or audio) are captured.

Integrated permanent data acquisition

Portable and permanent data acquisition resides in the same database and use the same automated diagnostic software so all machines are evaluated with the same level of understanding.  SPRITE™ Online data acquisition hardware is a cost effective solution to critical and hard to access machinery.  Not merely a flag to secure the machine, Azima’s online solution takes the approach that these machine also need early fault detection for proper repair planning, integrated with other assets for balance of plant.

Reduce risk, improve safety, increase production

WATCHMAN™ Reliability Services offer professional solutions to provide a clear understanding of machinery health across the entire plant and enterprise, including vibration analysis, lubrication oil analysis, motor current testing, and infrared thermography.

WATCHMAN programs feature an evaluation of the plant environment and risk profile along with a clearly-defined set of solutions and deliverables to meet specific uptime, compliance and cost-avoidance objectives. Through virtualization and automation, Azima’s WATCHMAN Solutions deliver highly effective machine health monitoring solutions that support maximum plant availability. The WATCHMAN Reliability Portal™, part of all Azima programs, can give visibility to machine health and diagnostics across multiple technologies for all the stakeholders within a plant’s operation.

Scale your PdM program to meet your needs

Early retirement, lack of training for new staff, and restricted budgets are making it challenging for many plants to retain the necessary  in house expert resources.  Azima programs were developed to help plants quickly address those challenges. Our flexible and scalable services require no up-front capital costs and are offered on a subscription basis.  This allows for a quick and comprehensive implementation when you are ready to start or enhance your machine health monitoring program.

Need more information, Azima can work with you to develop a program to meet your needs.  Contact us to set up your initial consultation.  You can reach us at +1 781.938.0707 , email us at or click the link to schedule your personal consultation.