WATCHMAN Reliability Portal

The Power of PdM in the Cloud





24/7 access to your PdM program’s performance increases its value by improving its visibility to all stakeholders

Access Your Vibration Analysis Results and Key Performance Metrics

The WATCHMAN™  Reliability Portal delivers multi-views  to your plant’s machine condition vibration monitoring and analysis through the web from any location.  The analysis results, key performance metrics and report content are updated in real time as vibration experts complete their analysis on machine data.

WATCHMAN Portal 3.0 offers
–Key performance metrics to measure success
–Multi-language support for ease of access
–Customizable dashboards to satisfy different stakeholders

Anytime, Anywhere Views into Your Machine Health

The WATCHMAN Portal is not an electronic file cabinet, but a dynamic site. The information presented is always current:

  • Monitor program and data acquisition performance
  • Quickly view plant health with machine summary reports
  • Clear presentation of machine fault diagnostics and analyst comments
  • Track machine health and fault progression over time
  • Print condition monitoring reports
  • Easily access linked infrared thermography, oil analysis, motor, battery, reciprocating engine/compressor analysis reports
  • View online system automated and reviewed diagnostic results

The WATCHMAN Reliability System Combines It All


This customizable system is an implementation of software, data acquisition instruments, proven methodology and secure web-based communications.  WATCHMAN can provide a robust infrastructure to realize a high quality, sustainable and well communicated condition monitoring program. It’s a hosted system  managed by condition monitoring and IT experts, so there is never an issue with system uptime, software upgrades and information accessibility.

The WATCHMAN Reliability System includes: