Total TRIO – The fusion of PdM expertise and technology

TRIO C10 Series Vibration Data Collector and Analyzer


The next evolutionary leap in
predictive maintenance — 
A robust combination
of hardware, software, and cloud service
infrastructure with optimal access
to machine health experts

WATCHMAN™ delivers a vibration data collection “SYSTEM”

Total TRIO™ offers you advanced vibration data collection and monitoring equipment with software connectivity to expertise.   Get the information you need to keep mission-critical equipment in optimal condition—at a fixed price.

Lower all-in lifecycle cost for vibration data collection and analysis

Lower all-in lifecycle cost

When you invest in Total TRIO, you get a vibration data collection system—a rugged data collector paired with ExpertALERT™ diagnostic software and the full service and support you can count on to maintain your PdM program.

Together, these elements provide critical vibration diagnostic information to plant engineers and managers for timely and accurate decision support. Using all the features of Total TRIO will lower unplanned maintenance and capital costs, reduce unplanned downtime and operating risk, and improve safety and reliability.

Performance assurances with Total TRIO ownership

With Total TRIO, you are covered for three years on your entire system. Check out some of the benefits:

  • Sophisticated vibration data collection equipment and software
  • Program setup assistance and training
  • New software version upgrades
  • Top priority for technical support
  • Priority repair scheduling
Our virtual data center hosting your vibration data collection analytics Added bonus when you host your ExpertALERT database in the
Azima DLI datacenter*:

  • 1-Year database hosting included
  • Unlimited users seats for access the WATCHMAN Reliability Portal
  • Machine test consults with Azima DLI vibration analysis experts
  • And more!


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*Certain terms and conditions may apply based on the Total TRIO configuration purchased.