ALERT – Vibration Diagnostic Software


ViewALERT is a read only version of ExpertALERT™. It is appropriate for vibration service clients or those who only wish to view information.


ViewALERT is a “view” or “read only” version of ExpertALERT. It is compatible with all of the ALERT products. Users have access to all reports and analysis tools but they cannot add, edit, delete or modify any of the information. ViewALERT is appropriate for vibration service clients or for users who are not actively maintaining the system but want access to all of the information.
ViewALERT is typically used in conjunction with database replication or as a license on an Enterprise Network. Because ViewALERT does not allow the user to add or edit machine information, someone else on the replicating or Enterprise network must have another version of ALERT software in order to run and maintain the analysis program.

Database Replication

Database replication allows two or more databases to synchronize with each other over a network or the Internet. This powerful technology allows two or more users to work independently in their systems and then synchronize them. Changes made in one database appear in the other and visa versa. It is an extremely valuable tool for sharing information and providing remote analysis services. Typically, the service provider will use ExpertALERT software to maintain the database, analyze data and produce reports. The service client will use ViewALERT to load and unload data collectors and add notes. After the two systems have synchronized, the service provider will receive all of the new data and notes and the ViewALERT user will receive all of the edited reports and database configuration changes. The ViewALERT user will be able to view reports edited by the service provider. They will also have access to all of the historical data as well as graphical analysis tools.
Another common user of the ViewALERT software is a maintenance manager or other non-technical person. They are not running or maintaining the vibration analysis program, but they do want to have access to the machine history and data for supervisory purposes.