ALERT – Vibration Diagnostic Software


StandardALERT is the most economical version of the ALERT Analysis System. It contains all of the manual analysis tools found in ExpertALERT™ but none of the automated diagnostics.


StandardALERT contains all of the manual analysis tools found in ExpertALERT. The software will automatically screen the data for alarms or exceedances in up to 63 alarm bands in per test location and up to 99 test locations per machine. This software is appropriate for those on a budget or who don’t have machines or applications  that lend themselves to automated diagnostics.

StandardALERT users can easily upgrade to ExpertALERT in order to take advantage of automated bearing wear detection and full machine fault diagnostics.  StandardALERT automatically screens and creates an excpetion report on up to 6 spectra (3 axis in 2 frequency ranges) and 3 overall RMS values per test location. Up to 99 test locations can be defined per machine. The exception report contains the levels of the peaks, exceedances over baseline, frequencies, axis and test locations. This information allows analysts to quickly identify alarm conditions and hone in on the suspect information in the graphs. In fact, there are 63 distinct alarm bands automatically screened by StandardALERT on each machine test location. All 63 alarms may be presented in chart format, or just the exceedences reported in the exception report.