ALERT – Vibration Diagnostic Software

A proven solution for machinery vibration condition monitoring, fault analysis and reporting.

ANNOUNCING ALERT 4.0 – The Analyst’s Release 

Azima DLI now offers the newest version of  ALERT™  – the automated ExpertALERT on HAZLOC TRIOvibration diagnostic software that offers analysts enhanced visualization of dynamic data, an improved analyst’s console and so much more.

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Premier automated vibration analysis software to meet and exceed your PdM program needs

Part of WATCHMAN™ Solutions, the ALERT family of vibration analysis software enables accurate test results with  TRIO™ portable data collectors and WATCHMAN Online Systems™.

ExpertALERT™—automated diagnostics for fast screening
Standard ALERT™—valuable tool for manual analysis
ViewALERT™machine data access while collecting
ALERT RTA™real time deep dive data acquisition
ALERT Multi-plane Balance™—focused testing interface


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ALERT Software

ExpertALERT - premier automated vibration diagnostics


Automated Diagnostic Software

ExpertALERT provides critical machinery health information in addition to vibration data. It provides fast and accurate screening that will lead to better diagnostic results.

  • Rapid screening of vibration measurements
  • Applies over 7,500 unique rules
  • Over 650 individual faults reference
  • Bearing and motor lookups


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ExpertALERT - Cloud-based automated diagnostics software

Access vital machine health information from your web browser

All of the same great features of ExpertALERT without the cost of a local IT infrastructure, database management, and software maintenance costs. The cloud-based version of ExpertALERT operates through Azima DLI’s secure, web-accessible terminal servers. Fast and convenient, users can access their data at the office or on the go. This version of ExpertALERT works with all portal-enabled data collectors and the WATCHMAN Reliability Portal™.

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StandardALERT offering key baseline diagnostics


Manual Analysis Software

StandardALERT contains all of the manual analysis tools found in ExpertALERT. The software automatically screens your data for alarms or exceedances in up to 63 alarm bands per test location and up to 99 test locations per machine. This software is appropriate for those on a budget or who have machines or applications that lend themselves better to manual analysis.

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Read-only Viewer Software

ViewALERT is a read-only version of ALERT. Users have access to all reports and analysis tools but they cannot add, edit, delete or modify any information. ViewALERT is typically used when your data is transmitted elsewhere for analysis or as a license on an Enterprise network. TRIO data collectors use ViewALERT – ALERT Software Viewer.

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ALERT Real-time analysis


Real-Time Analysis Software

ALERT  RTA™ adds new power to your TRIO™ data collectors with real-time, four channel simultaneous data acquisition and cross channel capabilities.

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ALERT Multiplane Balance software

ALERT Multi-plane Balance™

Multiple Plane, Multiple Speed Balance Software

With an intuitive user interface, ALERT Multi-plane Balance will allow you to balance simple or complex machinery using the TRIO™, DCX™ and DCA-60™ data collectors.

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