Reliability as a Service

Reliability as a Service (RaaS) offers  a secure web-based solution to sustain internal condition monitoring programs, connecting stakeholders throughout the organization.

The success of a condition based maintenance program depends on the program’s ability to offer collaboration among users and experts, distributing results to all decision makers in an organization, and having a dependable infrastructure to ensure security, sustainability, and flexibility.

The powerhouse behind Reliability as a Service (Raas)  is the trusted and secure Azima DLI data center reducing your need for a local IT infrastructure and lowering the overall cost of maintaining your  PdM program.

RaaS adds security to your plant’s PdM program by providing the necessary backups, managed distribution of results, and collaboration functionality.

Reliability as a Service includes:

TRIO Data Collector / Analyzer

  • Two (2) piece design dramatically improves data collection safetyCX10-inhand
  • Designed for accurate and efficient machine condition monitoring
  • Triaxial accelerometer and keyed mounting pad
  • Fast quality data collection first time, every time

Master database hosted by the Azima DLI Data Center

  • Managed Security, Monitored, Data Back-up
  • IT infrastructure Supplied by Azima DLI
  • Flexibility to allow collaboration with Azima DLI Analysts and program sustainability

License to use sophisticated ExpertALERT analytical software 

  • ExpertALERT™ access through local, desktop installation
  • Accessible cloud-based ExpertALERT via web application

Flexible communication

  • Replication services to keep all users up to date
  • Simplified Survey Transfer Function capable or Load / Unload option

Access to the Azima DLI WATCHMAN™ Reliability Portal

  • Program performance metrics

    The WATCHMAN Portal

    Learn more about the award-winning WATCHMAN Portal

  • Event tracking
  • Integrated multiple technology displays
  • Collaboration tools for the plant or the enterprise

On-call program assistance

  • Second opinion or urgent analysis connected for tough calls or help
  • Engineering assistance during setup

Access to eLearning training modules

  • Assure the quality of data collection
  • Understand Azima DLI methodology and ExpertALERT software