WATCHMAN Online Systems

Online Install PicOnline Monitoring to Meet Your Needs
Remote testing and expert vibration diagnostics designed for persistent, automated machine health monitoring.


WATCHMAN Online Systems™ is an independent, modular, powerfully
networked  system thatWMOnlineCircleProcess remotely monitors, maintains, and automatically reports the health of your plant machinery. This methodology is based on simplicity, robustness, connectivity and diagnostic intelligence. Whether a standalone installation, paired with portable data collection processes, or part of a fully outsourced WATCHMAN Services™ program, WATCHMAN Online Systems can deliver critical machine condition based monitoring through a 360-degree approach dedicated to your assets.

Take advantage of low system and installation costs

Eliminate high sensor and cabling costs with the WATCHMAN Online System’s modular design. Now you can push the power out to the plant floor by integrating plant systems through Ethernet or wireless Ethernet (IEEE 802.11 WiFi). WATCHMAN Online Systems installation feature is  an easy, inexpensive alternative to high sensor and cable installation costs associated with traditional online systems.

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Permanently installed vibration data acquisition devices are installed close to machines of interest and communicates to the WATCHMAN Online System Server through a standard network infrastructure. Any combination of these devices can be configured throughout the enterprise to meet your requirements.

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  • The SPRITE™ i400 is a wireless network device which can acquire four simultaneous channels of vibration data plus four  additional multiplexed DC signals for process parameters.    Download spec sheet>>
  • The SPRITE i1600 has 16 multiplexed analog inputs that can be connected to as many as 16 individual ICP accelerometers
    or DC signal devices, such as temperature probes. Download spec sheet>>

Rely on automated diagnostics with extensive fault detection

ExpertALERT™, our automated diagnostic software, provides critical machinery health information
instead of just vibration data by rapidly ExpertALERTscreening vibration measurements and applying over 4,500 unique rules to identify over 650 individual faults in a wide variety of machine types. In the WATCHMAN Online System, where there is a persistent stream of vibration data, it is important to have a software tool that is capable of scrubbing through these readings to find exact fault trends with ample warning to order the correct parts and plan the downtime.

Learn more about ExpertALERT >>

WATCHMAN Online Systems can also offer:

  • Proactive alert system reporting
  • Integration with other PdM technologies

WATCHMAN Online Systems is scalable, flexible, and sustainable.

Schedule your personal consultation today to learn how WATCHMAN Online Systems can address your requirements for persistent and/or remote machine monitoring to ensure uptime for production.