ExpertALERT | Automated vibration analysis

The most advanced automated vibration analysis assessment software available on the market today to meet your PdM needs.

Vibration Analysis  and Condition Monitoring to Keep Production Running

ExpertALERT allows you to expand your capabilities by streamlining your analysis and routine processes. Since the 1980s, Azima DLI continues to develop sophisticated methods and algorithms to accurately and automatically detect and diagnose machine faults. ExpertALERT was originally designed for and continues to be used by our own engineers who analyze thousands of machine tests per month.

ExpertALERT will improve machine availability, reduce maintenance costs and prevent TRIO CX10 with ExpertALERTunscheduled downtime for a broad range of military and commercial customers.

We understand the ingredients of a successful condition assessment program, and have built these capabilities into ALERT:

  • Intuitive graphical user interface that is simple to learn and operate
  • Setup wizards reduce set up time and increase configuration accuracy
  • Automated diagnostics accurately predict faults
  • Automated bearing fault identification without requiring bearing make and model number
  • Multi-level fault severity and prioritized repair recommendations improve repair planning
  • Advanced reporting tools produce professional reports Better machine performance determination through ALERT’s calculated process points feature
  • Integration of other PdM technologies, reports, documents, spreadsheets, inspections, manuals, linked to machine records
  • Online monitoring, walk-around vibration collection and operating log collection in one system

Information not just data

ExpertALERT™ provides critical machinery health information instead of just vibration data, by rapidly screening vibration measurements and applying over 4,500 unique rules to identify individual faults in a wide variety of machine types.  Our proven automated machinery condition assessment system can process hundreds of vibration measurements in just a few minutes, leaving you with a fault diagnosis, fault severity and repair priority on each machine. Instead of overwhelming you with spectral data that may be difficult to interpret, ExpertALERT provides fast, accurate, and understandable results.

Database and expert system setups are made easy with new Setup Wizards. Database management, Vibration Analysis, and Expert Automated Diagnostics have never been easier.


Understanding the diagnostic faults

The all new Windows graphical user interface provides quick access to any data in your program. The new analysis tools provide the analyst with a crystal clear picture of a machine’s faults. Traditional tools such as dynamic harmonic and sideband cursors, fault frequency markers, and others have become easier to use. Results, trending and summary data are quickly accessed for any test taken over time.

A few key features of ExpertALERT

  • Fast and easy system set up with advanced Setup Wizards
  • Rapid vibration data screening using sensitive narrow-band vibration techniques for early detection of faults
  • Proven diagnostic system that identifies problem machines and gives accurate diagnosis of fault(s)
  • Prioritized Repair Recommendations – comparable to experienced human vibration analyst in a mature program
  • Reduce your data analysis and diagnosis time by hours. Rather than analyzing every single spectrum collected, the expert system will give you an accurate diagnosis and recommendation, in minutes not hours
  • Professional, flexible report generation
  • Ability to Easily Integrate Other PdM Technologies

Graphical Analysis

ExpertALERT is unsurpassed when it comes to graphical analysis tools. You can view spectra in single, or three per page formats. If you need to examine the data to learn more about a suspected problem, ExpertALERT will have the tool.

ExpertALERT Analysis Tools  

  • 3D Spectral Waterfall
  • Single Axis, Triaxial, and Double-Triax Spectral and Waveform Displays
  • Reference Cursor Delta Markers
  • Harmonic Markers – Machine View Diagram
  • Fault Frequency Calculation
  • Sideband Markers
  • Orbit, Filtered Orbit
  • Bearing Database (>75,000 bearings)
  • Polar Phase Plot
  • Auto Normalization
  • Integration & Differentiation
  • And many more

Vibration Diagnostic System

Many in the industry lay claims of a vibration analysis and diagnostic system. However, not one of our competitor’s claims can stand up to the power, depth and accuracy of ExpertALERT’s machinery diagnostics. In competitive tests, time after time, our Automated Diagnostics Engine is clearly the leader.

You can use the diagnostic report to review the results and interactively display drawings of the machines, explanations of the diagnoses, and graphical displays in a variety of formats. The diagnostic system gives you a diagnosis of the problem(s) that exist, and a recommendation. In addition, each fault diagnosis is given a severity, both verbal (slight, moderate, serious or extreme), and numeric. You may then trend this information and thus determine how the severity is changing over time, telling you how quickly you need to act. This is possibly the most useful tool.

Diagnostic System Features

  • Over 4,500 rules
  • Continuous development and improvement since 1988
  • Over 650 machine fault messages
  • 21 different component types supported
  • Uses demodulated spectra, demod waveform, or impact demod for advanced bearing wear diagnosis

Our Diagnostic Engine uses an empirical, rule based, logic system that utilizes order normalized data, spectrum analysis, cepstrum analysis, demodulated data analysis ( enveloping ), and a few methods we would refer to as “proprietary”. Our new Diagnostic System also has become more flexible, where single axis, bi-axial and (as always) triaxial vibration data formats are now all accepted for accurate diagnose.