Naval & Marine

Naval & Marine

navyAzima DLI has naval, marine and large maritime transportation services programs designed to meet the specific requirements of ABS certification.

Vibration monitoring designed for maritime customers


Propulsion and drivetrain assets are most critical in naval and marine industries, often with limited redundancy and required maintenance oversight. Vibration analysis provides early fault detection for failure avoidance, enhanced mission readiness and effective supply chain planning for repairs. Given the remote and mobile locations of this industry, Azima DLI uses a full range of distance support methods to implement successful programs.

Serving the US Navy for over 30 years, Azima DLI’s Naval and Marine Services division (also historically known as DLI Engineering) supports large maritime transportation ships and vessels and their support facilities.

Azima DLI’s services programs are designed to effectively evaluate critical assets, work processes, and post facility repair quality assurance.  We are ABS Certified with qualified trained personnel.

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