PdM Related Webinars offered by Azima DLIOur leading experts share how to reduce risk, improve safety, increase production and optimize the efficiency of your predictive maintenance program.

PdM Related Webinars –  Learn from Azima DLI Experts and other related resources

Each online webinar session is designed to meet the needs of our participants.  We strive to provide the knowledge, tools, and guidance to reach all your condition monitoring goals.

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Predictive Maintenance: Remote MonitoringAccessing PdM through the Cloud

This informative webinar, presented by Plant Services and sponsored by Azima DLI, contained two presentations which discussed:

Plant Services  annual PdM survey of manufacturing and industrial production professionals survey results from early 2016, asking workers a comprehensive set of questions on the extent to which predictive maintenance tools and techniques are being adopted in their facility. This presentation, presented by Plant Services Editor-in-Chief Thomas Wilk, focused on the key findings of the survey, with an in-depth focus on the ways and extent to which respondents are adopting and deploying remote monitoring technologies.

Joe Van Dyke, VP of operations, talked about the flexibility, scalability, and continuity that remote monitoring can offer. He shared how a major industrial gases company harnessed the cloud and mobility to standardize predictive analytics, how fleets of naval ships leverage distributed geographical support and other case studies of successful implementations of remote monitoring and its applications.

Deciphering Big Data for Asset Condition Monitoring Success

It will take time before the full implications of big data are understood, but “total situational awareness” is in our midst, at least as it relates to asset health and performance. Visibility will extend to a variety of day-to-day operating activities, from production and supply chain management to maintenance and reliability practices.  Tyler Pietri, program engineer for Azima DLI, shares these insights first presented at The Reliability Conference 2016.

Using Condition Monitoring Instruments to Get the Most from Your PdM Program

There has been a paradigm shift in the instrumentation deployed for predictive maintenance (PdM) programs. These factors are affecting what will work best in your plant’s PdM program. View this session by Ken Piety, VP of Technology, first presented at Reliable Plant 2016.

Industrial Internet of Things Webinar SeriesIndustrial IIoT
Part One: Effective Change Management

This webcast will present a glimpse of the IIoT disruption by exploring some of the leading applications. Sponsored in part by Azima DLI and presented by Plant Engineering.

Can Wireless Monitoring Add Value to Your PdM Program?

First presented at IMC 2015, Joe Van Dyke, vice president of operations, will share how manufacturers can best integrate remote wireless monitoring into their plant operations to improve the safety conditions for employees, increase productivity, and reduce downtime.